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Many Thanks!

As we move forward into the New Year, we would like to pause to show our appreciation to a few of our faithful community donors for their generous support during the months of November and December.

Thank you to Mayor Ritenauer for once again remembering the Co-op when his office donated large frozen turkeys throughout the community. Thirty turkeys were donated to the Co-op, which provided special holiday dinners at several of the Hot Meals and were also given to large families at the Food Pantries for special dinners of their own.

Thank you to St. Paul Lutheran Hunger Ministry, who held their November Craft Sunday Hunger Drive to support the Co-op. Craft Sunday proceeds, along with a generous Christmas gift, were graciously donated to help us continue our ministry.

Thank you to Martino’s International Café for holding a “Dine To Donate” day on Tuesday, December 8. On that day, 20% of all the sales from patrons who presented our flyer when they dined were given to the Co-op. What a wonderful way for a local business to recognize and support the needs of our community.

Mayor Ritenauer, St. Paul Lutheran Church and Martino’s International Café have all been past supporters of the Lorain Cooperative Ministry, and continue to show their care and concern for our community through their generous donations. We wish them many new blessing this year as they truly are a blessing to others!


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