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CommunityBetterment has enriched the lives of many individuals and organizations through their generous giving. The Lorain Cooperative Ministry has been chosen to be one of the recipients at the Betterment Bash event on Saturday, May 7. The awarded gift will be used to support our Front Door Ministry program. We'd love to see you there and have your support!

For more information about CommunityBetterment please visit their website at


The Co-op has 'adopted' another community service program: Front Door Ministry (FDM).  Previously the primary active mission of the Lorain Downtown Ministries Association, FDM had its origin with First Lutheran Church as the Love Emergency Aid Fund 34 years ago.  The mission provides assistance to individuals seeking financial support and /or resources to maintain basic needs, including food, shelter, transportation and health care.  The program is open every Tuesday, 10-11:30am at The Episcopal Church of the Redeemer.  The most frequent requests are for gasoline, birth certificates, IDs, bus tickets, prescriptions, utilities, rent deposits and food.  Volunteers also make referrals to existing community agencies and programs.  Funding is currently obtained from periodic donations from the Lorain downtown churches.  In 2015, this ministry provided more than $11.800 in assistance to 879 individuals or families.  Maintaining a balance in this account is an on-going challenge.  A single one-way bus ticket costs $4.10, and 100-120 tickets are given out each month.  Birth certificates in Ohio cost $25 each, and IDs are $8.50.  These documents are essential for individuals to access other assistance programs and to apply for a job.  Please consider donating to this program, as a church, organization or individual.  We are also seeking volunteers with a background in community service.  Please contact the Co-op at 440-240-4402 for more information.

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